White Light Flashlight

White Light Flashlight

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    10,000 - 50,000
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    Oct 13, 2014

White Light Flashlight Reviews

  • Eric Rösch

    Eric Rösch

    Reviewed in Minimal Tools & Apps

    Beautiful flashlight. Use your flashlight or your screen brightness. With a widget.

  • Jess Charles

    Jess Charles

    Reviewed in Free Apps, No Ads

    I swiped the screen brightness bar all the way down and had to pull my battery. You're probably smarter than I am but be careful with that.


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Thanks so much for the reviews. We read and appreciate every single on of them. We implemented the light staying on even when the screen is off purely because of feedback you left. Features:
• Light stays on even when the screen is off
• Turn on White Light from the lockscreeen
• Resizable homescreen widget
• Activate phone's flashlight with a swipe
• Adjust screen brightness
• Use the app without having to unlock your phone (if you were in the app when you locked your phone)

If you're in a dark room, the flashlight may be too bright. For this reason, we've added a slider to adjust your screen's brightness.

White Light doesn't need any permissions except access to the camera (so it can use the phone's flash).