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These are Yumsters! Just settle them in your mobile phone and you’ll forget the boredom forever! These adorable hole-dwelling creatures will please everyone. They are mad about fruit and even participate in a world fruit-eating cup. You'll need to gather a team of super-yumsters from different countries to win this competition. Your task is to control the Yumsters, dragging them from holes to fruits trying to make them eat as much as possible as often as possible. Match the fruits and Yumsters because these creatures can eat only fruits of the same colour.

Use superpowers and bonuses to complete levels, cope with pest insects, but don’t let your Yumsters get bored and you'll win the competition and a lot of personal awards!

• 64 amazing levels
• 7 humorous Yumsters, each one has its own superpower
• A variety of awards and a worldwide high-score table
• 2 game modes
• 7 original locations
• Loads of different bonuses
• Splendid graphics and sound effects


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