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Casters of Kalderon BETA

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beta version is coming to an end. Beta servers will be closed 14th April 2014
------ Mobile MMORTS Casters of Kalderon

The game world of Kalderon is being rebuilt after a destructive magical war. Players take on the role of a caster who commands dragon magic and must attempt to rebuild the realm and restore it to its former glory. Players have an extensive coalition system to help them protect their territory and its heart, the Dragonium tower, and to defeat seemingly overwhelming enemies. With up to 20 players, a coalition can devise strategies against its enemies via in-game live chat and lead armies into battle together. In addition to PvP, there are also lots of missions and campaigns to choose from, and completing them will unlock valuable rewards and resources. Thanks to the in-game economics and trade system, players can exercise their mercantile talents to increase their income and to enlarge the troops.

Take Over the World!

Game Features:

• Discover a fantasy 3D MMORTS world on mobile
• Build your empire and enforce your defense
• Raise your army and fight in epic battles
• Explore and conquer new territories
• Finish missions and campaigns for valuable rewards
• Join a coalition to execute combined attacks and crush your enemies
• Player driven economy
• Global leaderboards
• Tablet-optimized user interface (Android OS 4.0 and higher)

Supported languages for Casters of Kalderon:
• English
• German
• French
• Russian
• Finnish


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