Flux: Flow Puzzle

Flux: Flow Puzzle

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    Nov 23, 2014

Flux: Flow Puzzle Reviews

  • Androfox


    Reviewed in Minimal games

    Another pipe puzzler, but with a twist! Turn a piece 90° at once in any direction of choice to connect to exit. Challenging, free, try it!


Flux is a minimalistic and simple, but highly addictive puzzle game that will keep you busy for hours! A unique concept that has never been seen before... GET THAT FLOW GOING!

Complete the flow to finish the level. But be aware! Every block you turn will cost you 1 step. Don't waste too many steps, because you will lose those precious stars you've been working so hard for! There is an almost mind-staggering amount of levels in the game, so get in the flow and start puzzling!


- Unique game concept
- 625 unique puzzles
- Soothing graphics and soundtrack
- A wide variety of achievements to collect
- Will keep you busy for hours!

- Gamezebo: "Flux sets out to do one task, and does it extraordinarily well!" (4/5)

- "This isn't another zombie shooting game, another Candy Crush, or something else unoriginal. It is a unique concept, and that is what I like the most!"
- "5+, best puzzle-game out there"
- "The UI is nice, music is awesome, and the game is really addictive. It's the best"

Challenge your friends and show them how many stars you can collect! Sign in with your Google account to see which achievements your friends have already finished.

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If you like puzzle games, then you will certainly have a fun time with Flux! Flux works with both phones and tablets. And best of all, it's free!


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* In-app purchases are available ingame. You can block in-app purchases in your account settings.
* Flux provides links to social media.
* Advertisements are shown ingame which will lead the user to external webpages and the potential to browse any possible webpage.

Music and soundeffects by dabp - soundcloud.com/dabp - facebook.com/dabpmusic