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Pixel Fleet Lite

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  • Pepper Ferguson

    Pepper Ferguson

    Reviewed in The Top Wallpapers

    Love pixel games or art? Then you will like Pixel Fleet Live Wall Paper. Not only a live wallpaper but a mini game as well. Double click on the ships to destroy them as they fly across your screen. This would be a great kids phone LWP.


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Watch ships from Earth, the Gliese 581 star system, and the Epsilon Eridani star system battle for survival in space on your device! Can be used as either a Live Wallpaper or Daydream. This is the Lite version, featuring:
- 3 ships, 1 from each faction, each with unique properties and behavior
- Take control of a ship's fate by double-tapping to destroy it.
- Daydream support for devices with Android 4.2+

Upgrade to the paid full version to get:
- 6 ships, 2 from each faction, each with unique properties and behavior
- Different dynamic backgrounds generated for each simulation with planets, asteroids, asteroid belts, moons, in-system stars, and space dust
- Choose from 3 different simulation modes
- Keep score! See which faction is winning the war.
- Many settings available to customize your experience.
- Stats to track behavior of each faction.

Powered by libGDX with OpenGL ES 2.0

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