Llama Unicorn vs Rainbow World

Llama Unicorn vs Rainbow World

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    10 - 50
  • Last update
    Jan 13, 2013


Take Charlie the Llamacorn for the run of his life! You are the 8 year old Princess Bia. Your magical pet Llamacorn named Charlie is stuck in your dreams. You need to help Charlie race to the end of Rainbow World Dream Land so he can come back to reality with you.

This Llama Unicorn Adventure has amazing high quality graphics and addictive gameplay.

If Charlie the Llamacorn gets stuck you can use the coins he has collected to buy the majestic Golden Elm. This Elm will help you win this race fast.

The race to escape Rainbow World Dream Land is very long. You can challenge your friends to see who gets the furthest.

The graphics in this game are amazing! You have never seen anything so incredible. They will inspire you and make you smile.

Limitless jumping and running abilities help you go beyond your wildest dreams as you race your Llamacorn to reality and get him out of Rainbow World Dream Land.

In the final challenge you will help Charlie the Llamacorn jump through the magic portal to reality. You will finally be together again.

Narwhal and LlamaCop enemies want to keep you from freedom. Avoid them at all cost. Collect candys as you play and purchase extra skills and The Golden Elm.