Colorem: Painting Logic Game

Colorem: Painting Logic Game

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    May 24, 2014


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Colorem is an easy to learn logic painting game. Using 4 different colors, paint all the blocks one by one, so that any two neighbour blocks are painted with different colors. Initial levels are easy and you can get through them with almost any painting strategy, but as you progress along you will be faced with more challenging painting maps and will have to select next color strategically, because you have limited amount of each painting color and cannot change color of the blocks that have been already painted.

Controls are very simple - keep tapping the block to select its painting color. When you start painting a new block, previously painted block become permanent and cannot be repainted.

The game is free and packed with 40 levels. Last level is level generator - you can re-generate it as many times as you like - app will be creating levels of different shape and difficulty for you to paint!

If you enjoy brain challenging logic games with simple rules and addictive gameplay, you will surely like Colorem!

+ Free logic game
+ Colorful graphics
+ Easy controls
+ 3 types of blocks
+ 40 levels + Level Generator!
+ Logic game, yet not overcomplicated - you just tap blocks to paint them

Color'em and have fun!