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Passport Photo ID Studio

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Passport Photo ID Studio is a completely free Android app that allows you to capture, edit, share and print your passport photos and ID photos in as little steps as possible. With this free app, you can make professional-looking passport photos and ID photos at the comfort of your own home. Passport Photo ID Studio also allows you the flexibility to customize your passport photo sizes. Features include:

1) Create passport photos that will automatically be saved to pre-selected photo sizes
2) OR import photos from gallery to make passport photos
3) Supports both rear and back-facing cameras
4) General guidelines before you create your passport photos
5) Select your passport photo size that corresponds to a list of countries available
6) OR customize your photo size
7) Zoom, crop and rotate your photos
8) Adjust brightness and contrast of photos
9) Preview your photos before you print
10) Select different photos to print on the same page
11) On the printing page, photo positions will automatically be adjusted based on pre-selected photo sizes
12) Print directly from your phone (provided you have Google Cloud Print pre-configured)

Tips for taking a good passport photo:

1) Ensure that the background is well lit, white or off-white, and plain
2) Try to eliminate shadows that are caused by overhead lighting
3) Include the person's upper body and have space above the head in the screen display of your camera
4) Minimize the distance between the person being photographed and the background to reduce shadows on the background
5) When using the front-facing camera, use both hands to hold your phone so that your shoulders will have equal distance from the camera
6) Look at the camera when taking your photo

Camera function has been tested on the following handsets:
- HTC Nexus One
- Nexus 7
- Samsung Galaxy S3
- Samsung Galaxy Note 3
- Sony Xperia S

List of countries available:
USA (2in by 2in)
Albania (40mm by 50mm)
Argentina (1.5in by 1.5in)
Australia (35mm by 45mm)
Austria (35mm by 45mm)
Bahamas (2in by 2in)
Bangladesh (40mm by 50mm)
Belize (1.5in by 2.5in)
Brazil (35mm by 45mm)
Bulgaria (35mm by 45mm)
Canada (50mm by 70mm)
China (33mm by 48mm)
Colombia (1.5in by 2.5in)
Czech (35mm by 45mm)
Denmark (35mm by 45mm)
Finland (36mm by 47mm)
France (35mm by 45mm)
Germany (35mm by 45mm)
Greece (40mm by 60mm)
Hong Kong (40mm by 50mm)
India (2in by 2in)
Indonesia (50mm by 50mm)
Ireland (35mm by 45mm)
Israel (35mm by 45mm)
Italy (35mm by 45mm)
Jamaica (35mm by 45mm)
Japan (35mm by 45mm)
Kenya (40mm by 50mm)
Korea, Republic of (35mm by 45mm)
Lebanon (50mm by 50mm)
Malaysia (35mm by 50mm)
Mexico (35mm by 45mm)
Morocco (35mm by 45mm)
Netherlands (35mm by 45mm)
New Zealand (35mm by 45mm)
Nigeria (35mm by 45mm)
Norway (35mm by 45mm)
Pakistan (50mm by 50mm)
Palestine (50mm by 50mm)
Peru (50mm by 50mm)
Poland (35mm by 45mm)
Portugal (35mm by 45mm)
Russia (35mm by 45mm)
Singapore (35mm by 45mm)
South Africa (35mm by 45mm)
Spain (30mm by 40mm)
Sweden (35mm by 45mm)
Switzerland (35mm by 45mm)
Syria (40mm by 40mm)
Taiwan (35mm by 45mm)
Tanzania (35mm by 45mm)
Thailand (35mm by 45mm)
Tonga (2in by 2in)
Trinidad and Tobago (2in by 2in)
Uganda (2in by 2in)
United Arab Emirates (2in by 2in)
United Kingdom (35mm by 45mm)
Vietnam (40mm by 60mm)
Zimbabwee (35mm by 45mm)