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AppLock Pro

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    Aug 25, 2015


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AppLock Pro protects selected apps from unauthorized access by faking a crash whenever someone tried to access the protected apps. You can gain access to your protected apps by tapping on the fake crash dialog box a preset number of times and entering a secret PIN.

Full feature list:

-Stealth operation mode. AppLock Pro's launch icon can be hidden from the app drawer. You access AppLock by calling a secret number or via an innocent looking calculator widget!

-Disguised as a calculator app. AppLock Pro is disguised as a calculator app. Launch AppLock Pro by entering the PIN and tapping on the calculator number display.

-Control the level of protection required. Protect apps via Fake crash only or PIN only or a combination of the two methods.

-Fast UI with quick search functionality.

Bonus feature: AppLock Pro features a built-in Fast Uninstaller for quickly uninstalling multiple apps!

Download AppLock Pro and lock your apps now!