Group Texting + Text Messaging

Group Texting + Text Messaging

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Group Messaging + One-to-One Native Text Messaging: all in one text app, NOW CUSTOMIZABLE WITH THEMES, FONTS, AND EMOJI! It's like iMessage, but for Android!

No longer do you have to send 10 texts to 10 different people; send and receive all replies in one place with POWOW Group and Text Messaging! Download Free NOW!

QuickChat Widget: Compose, Draw, and Send Pics quickly starting on your homescreen!

Now draw on and caption pictures to send and share with anyone! Create and send meme images to expand beyond your 160 characters!

With Free POWOW, ANYONE in your groups you create can communicate with EVERYONE in that group, no matter what device they use. POWOW is the only text messaging product that easily lets you include anyone and everyone on any mobile phone in both direct and group texting, creating a single home for all your one-to-one and group text messages.

In addition to any phone Group Text Messaging, POWOW provides multiple additional features:
① NEW!! Contact Management System: Multi-select and filter contacts simpler than ever before!
②NEW!! Emoji Support: Hundreds of the most popular emojis are now available (same emojis as iOS).
③ Crisp text graphics and dark theme: based on new Android design guidelines
④ PopUp Notifications: Instead of exiting an app or browser to see your new message, have it pop up right on your screen where you can decide whether to respond, ignore, delete, or call.
⑤ ZipIt:
o Blacklist unwanted texters so you don’t see notifications or text messages from them OR
o “Mute” Notifications: Turn off text message notifications for select contacts while retaining their messages in your history.
⑥ Quick Sorting through Groups, Zipped, Individuals, and Favorites
⑦ New Message Counter for each contact
⑧Fast Send/Receive: Avoids all elements that slow down other text messaging experiences.
⑨ Customizable fonts with partners such as Font SMS Bundle and Font SMS (Pro).
⑩ Call Shortcuts: Access your phone capabilities and make calls through a single click.
⑪ Voice Text Input: Utilize Google’s voice input technology to speak your texts rather than typing.
⑫ Easy Delete: Single-press delete of individual messages within a thread or complete conversations.

Not an ads fan? POWOW offers in-app purchase of POWOW Pro: Ads-free!!!

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