Fish Out Of Water!

Fish Out Of Water!

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    1,000,000 - 5,000,000
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    Aug 20, 2015

Fish Out Of Water! Reviews

  • App Apes

    App Apes

    Reviewed in App Apes Best Android Apps

    Fish Out of Water is a good way to drown feelings of boredom, and offers plenty of fish, costumes, and crystal combination to keep things interesting for a long while. More at

  • Russell Dorn

    Russell Dorn

    Reviewed in Games to Slay Boredom With

    Casual and cute, Fish Out of Water involves flinging fish that bounce and dive in different ways. Costumes can be unlocked, and the game can be picked up and put down whenever the urge to have some fun tugs at you.

  • Dhika Ahmad Aulia

    Dhika Ahmad Aulia

    Reviewed in Top New Games

    I always wondered why games like Toss the Turtle or Burrito Bison doen't get a mobile port. It's fun and take hours of your life a day. This game by Halfbrick have the similar gameplay with the two games I mentioned above. Have fun!

  • Mariano Valero

    Mariano Valero

    Reviewed in 104 Good games i have played !(Updating!)

    A game that i just started playing now. It has, as a first look, good graphics and a fun idea, Is pretty unique and has his combination with humor as always. As i just expected, easy fun from Halfbrick.