GWR2013 Augmented Reality

GWR2013 Augmented Reality

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*** THIS APP ONLY WORKS WITH THE GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2013 BOOK *** See the latest Guinness World Records virtually exploding off the page with the new Augmented Reality app!
Readers of this year's Guinness World Records 2013 edition
can access a new dimension of record-breaking with this
FREE "augmented reality" (AR) app. If you've got the book,
download this AR viewer now to see record holders come to life
as stunning 3D animations.
What you'll see:
• Encounter the great white shark – the world's largest
predatory fish – without risking life and limb!
• Say hello to the new world's shortest man – and the shortest
man EVER measured – in actual size
• Meet the parrot who can perform the most slam dunks in a
minute (yes, really!)
• Go for a spin in the world's smallest helicopter
• Get up close and personal with the Goliath bird-eating
spider – a creepy-crawly the size of a dinner plate
• Have fun with the world's smallest dog – a pooch that can fit
in the palm of your hand
Move your device around the animation to see an entire 360-
degree view. And look out for interactive animations that
respond to your touch – just tap the screen and see Zac the
parrot slam dunk a ball; guide the GEN H-4 helicopter across
the sky with your fingertips; lead Heaven Sent Brandy on her
walkies; and irritate the 11-in-wide bird-eating spider until it hisses at you.
What's more, you can even grab a snapshot of yourself
alongside the record holders – almost as if they're sitting right
beside you.
"This is a unique opportunity to witness the most amazing
record holders right before your very eyes," says Guinness
World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday. "I had to travel to
Kathmandu to meet Mr Dangi, the world's shortest man – now,
anyone can have their photo next to him without leaving their
How it works:
To activate the 3D animations, look out for the SEE IT 3D logo in
the pages of the Guinness World Records 2013 book. When you
see the logo, launch the app, point your device's camera at the
book spread and watch as the record-holder comes to life.
This FREE app is available to anyone with a compatible Android device with a camera.

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