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MindBell Reviews

  • App Junkie

    App Junkie

    Reviewed in Zen Apps

    A Tibetan bell rings periodically to remind you to consider what you are doing and focus on your state of mind. Even provides a vibration reminder for use when ringing bells might draw unwanted attention.

  • Pawel Orzechowski

    Pawel Orzechowski

    Reviewed in Mindfulness and well-being apps

    simple, but great what it does: Every once in a while rings a calming bell. When the bell rings you're supposed to remind yourself about something: sitting straight, mindfulness, awareness, etc


MindBell rings periodically during the day as a mindfulness bell, to give you the opportunity to hold on for a moment and consider what you are currently doing, and in what state of mind you are while you are doing it. According to the Zen Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, this is an effective means of developing mindfulness.
You should see three (action) icons: bell-on, settings and info. If not, please check the menu. Location and appearance of the "menu button" depends on your device and version of Android:
• it's the three little dots in the corner of the screen next to the "back", "home" and "switch apps" buttons
• or it's the three little dots in the top right corner of the app
• or it's the left button of the three buttons at the bottom of your screen
• or it's the right button of the three buttons at the bottom of your screen.

MindBell requests the following permissions:

READ_PHONE_STATE from permission group PHONE (read phone status and identity): To modify the bell in the notification bar when phone status changes (phone call, flight mode, muted), if requested in the settings.

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED (run at startup): To activate MindBell after restarting the phone.

VIBRATE (control vibration): To use vibration as mindfulness bell, if requested in the settings.

Permissions are grouped into permission groups if they have to be granted explicitely. Android and PlayStore shows these permission groups to be granted, also when only a single permission of that group is requested.

MindBell is an open source project and licensed under Apache License, version 2.0. More information can be found on the website.