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Google I/O 2013

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The official Google I/O 2013 conference companion app supports devices running Android 2.3+, and is optimized for phones and tablets of all shapes and sizes. With the app you can:

- View the conference agenda and edit your personal schedule
- Sync your schedule between all of your devices and the I/O website
- View detailed session, code lab, office hours, and speaker information, including speaker bios, photos, and Google+ profiles
- +1 sessions right from the app
- Participate in public #io13 conversations on Google+
- Guide yourself using the vector-based conference map
- Get a reminder a few minutes before sessions in your schedule are due to start
- View information about companies in the Developer Sandbox
- Keep up with announcements from the I/O team during the conference
- View your schedule on your Android 3.0+ device's home and lock screens using widget
- Play "I/O Live" session video streams on your Android 3.0+ devices
- Beam session details from your Android 4.0, NFC-enabled device to another using Android Beam
- Scan attendee badges on your NFC-enabled device

Source code for the app will be available soon at

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