Kids Coloring Book

Kids Coloring Book

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  • Nicholas Edwards

    Nicholas Edwards

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    A great free app! GoodSoftTech did another great release! Here are some of the features in "Kids Coloring Book" that will charm your kids: + Very easy to use, even for toddlers. They just need to pick a theme then start coloring with a brush or a pencil or even using filling shapes (for kids that are eager to complete the drawing) + Develops motor skills and eye-hand coordination + Enhances creativity and imagination + Teaches colors as well as animals, fruits or any daily life object + Includes a vast number of pictures in many themes, such as princesses, animals, people, cars, Easter, fishes and other sea creatures + animated stickers to decorate the painting, which can be increased/decreased with simple taps. + Share your kids’ paintings with friends and family + option to print-out outlines to be colored manually


We are pleased to announce the release of the Interactive Kids Coloring Book!
The Kids Coloring Book is a great game for everybody, for kids & it is also coloring book for adults. You can color pages, draw your own images and lines to change pictures in the way you want. Your kids ages one to five will enjoy coloring pages with this fun app. Thanks to the animated interactive stickers your kids will have a lot of fun.
Doodle for kids! This is great kids educational game with wonderful coloring pages.
Are you looking for an coloring book for kids?
Would you like to improve manual skills of your children?
Are you interested in giving your toddlers a game which will improve their imagination and creativity?
Are you looking for great pictures and drawings that can be created and colored?
If so, we have exactly what you’ve been looking for! Nice coloring pages .

As parents, we know how important it is to have the right applications installed for our kids to use. Before we started working on Kids Coloring Book, we were using many different applications but nothing we found fully met our expectations. Our application helps kids develop motor skills and learn color combinations. It can also help your kids learn words such as animal names.

Interactive Kids Coloring Book is an application that works fast! It will please kids of all ages, thanks to the richness of colors which magically appear at the touch of the screen. When you paint a line, there is no delay. When you are filling in shapes, they fill right up to the lines you have just painted and those features work just as well on the many pre-loaded pictures and drawings available. You can easily erase your progress at any time if you need to correct something. You can also save a picture and continue working on it at a later time.

So Install Kids Coloring Book today and see how quick and easy it is to use! Have fun with our coloring pages!

Your child can choose pictures from the following categories:
1. Princesses
2. Animals
3. People
4. Cars
5. Faces
6. Easter
7. Planes
8. Police cars, fire trucks, fireman
9. Ocean
10. Cosmos
11. Christmas holidays

Please remember to be a responsible parent. You should not overuse this app. Kids love games and it can keep them busy all day long.
As parents we know that it is tempting to keep your child busy all day, however, there are better ways:
- Spend some time together with your child coloring, make a card and email email it to your family.
- Discuss with your kid what the image represents, what kind of animal it is, where it lives, etc.
- Most of all,have lots of fun together with your toddler with this creative colorings
- Create your own coloring pages and pictures
- Draw any shapes your toddler loves and let your child paint them
- You can teach your child to write letters and numbers
- You can teach your child colors,shapes

Game functions:
paint lines with different thicknesses: pen, marker and pencil
use eraser to correct any painted pictures
fill automatically any closed shapes, it works also for contours created by you
place nice stickers like leaves, flowers, foot shapes, suns, ladybirds and many more
save pictures
coloring pages