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"The best game I've ever played with absolutely no gameplay." (TouchArcade.com)
"Ultimately, GodVille is a fun, funny, incredibly clever little game." (Destructoid.com)
"It’s the ultimate game for people who don’t have a lot of time to commit to playing games." (148Apps.com) Tired of the games where you have to play 24x7x365 just not to feel like a loser? Godville is the answer! In this game you are god, and all you need to do is to create your own hero so he will do all these boring things you had to do in the other games. He will fight monsters, collect loot, earn gold, etc, leaving you to enjoy the only thing that matters in any game - lean back and have fun.

Godville is a zero-player game (ZPG), parodying everything from "typical" MMO games with their tedious level ups, to internet memes and ordinary day to day things. The game might look strange at first sight, but don't hurry to neglect it right away. Take a look on your hero for a couple days, look around and you won't regret! There is whole game world in Godville and it’s continuously evolved based on ideas and suggestions from the community of players.

Godville can also be played in the browser (http://godvillegame.com) and on Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Please note that the game requires persistent internet connection

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