Arrow Mania - Bow Archery

Arrow Mania - Bow Archery

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    Sep 4, 2014


Whatever you do DON'T SHOOT THE BIRDS! Explore the crazy platform world, shoot lots and lots of arrows into the sky, hit the targets to operate the elevators. Shoot down the bomb dropping jet planes. Bounce arrows off bouncy boards and figure out how to get to the next stage. You'll need to aim your arrows, time your shooting, learn angles and solve puzzles. This is no ordinary archery game! Simple controls; use the left and right arrows to move. Get on a coloured elevator platform and shoot the button to operate the elevator. To shoot hold your finger down behind the crossbow, aim and let go. If you tap-tap-tap you can shoot lots of arrows at the same time (good to shoot down the attacking jet planes).

FREE TO PLAY the whole game! There is only one very cheap in app purchase, to remove the adverts!!

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