GMD Speed Time ★ root

GMD Speed Time ★ root

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Tired of waiting till your crops grow in your favorite farming game? Lack some gold to expand map? No more. Increase your farming speed with GMD Speed Time. Disclaimer:
*** Root required ***
*** Try free Lite version before you buy ***
*** It may not work on some devices ***
*** It may not work in some games ***
*** It may crash some games or corrupt their data ***
*** Using it may break EULA of some games ***
*** Use on your own responsibility and risk ***

Still not frightened? Read on then...

I created this application for my daughter.

This application increases time speed in farming games. It does so by increasing device clock speed. Device will be showing wrong time when you start service. Application will restore time when you stop service, but time may be inaccurate.

Note that in video I increased speed of time x110, but lower values are supported too, like x2 or x3. At the moment max range is x1000.

*** Speeding clock may slow down your device, because it will still trigger scheduled events like updates checks, account synchronization and so on. Stopping clock speed increase will bring performance back to normal. ***

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