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    1,000,000 - 5,000,000
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    Oct 27, 2013


  • Gun Match

    Gun Match

    Reviewed in MaxisTopMultiplayerGames/3d/multiplayer

    Short other cars and waren xp

  • Ole Friis

    Ole Friis

    Reviewed in Best car games available

    A perfect car car and shooter game all about crushing the enemy team

  • Maysam Resan

    Maysam Resan

    Reviewed in Omega

    It is fight game with car

  • Miles Henderson

    Miles Henderson

    Reviewed in Game Over Mann, Game Over

    This is basically a multi player version of death rally.. and it's great :) Pick a car, outfit it with weapons and then blast the crap out of your opponents in one of the many arena maps available. Glu once again shows how to do a free game that can still be enjoyed without having to purchase IAPs. I'm not going to lie, if you want to be top of the leaderboards, you'll have to part with some real world cash for upgrades. However, If you are happy to win just the match that you are currently playing in, this is possible to do. The arenas are littered with health poweups so even the most basic of cars can get the upper hand on a more heavily armed opponent with a little skill. I've had this installed on my phone for a long time and I'm going to keep it. Totally Worth playing.