Taskei - Tasker for Muzei

Taskei - Tasker for Muzei

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    5,000 - 10,000
  • Last update
    Feb 27, 2014


Show the Muzei wallpapers you want to see when you want to see them with Taskei. Taskei allows Tasker to control your Muzei wallpaper sources. Just enable Taskei in Muzei, add one of the 3 available tasks, and add set up any conditions or events to trigger them. It's really that simple.

With Taskei you can do things including

-Show a certain wallpaper source only on WiFi
-Show album art when your headphones are plugged in
-Choose groups of Muzei extensions for different locations or parts of the day
-Shake your phone to show the next artwork
-Show a source when your phone is upside down

The possibilities are endless with Taskei and Tasker.

* Muzei & Tasker must be installed to use Taskei.

* You need to select Taskei as your Muzei source for it to work.