Shopping list - The purchases

Shopping list - The purchases

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Everyday we go shopping. And each time, to not forget that we need to buy, we are writing shopping list. But it is not convenient when you need to buy a lot. And words, as luck would have, merge into the one big monolithic text and to understand, why we came to the store is very difficult.

And what is when in the list of purchases there is an inscription "this in the blue box". Having looked at the shelf with products, we see at least 5 items matching this description. But pick up the most suitable, after coming home, we find out that took another...

Sound familiar? But now it's all in the past. By the application "The purchases" you can forget about this problems!

Enough to make your colorful shopping list at home on a smartphone or tablet pc, and in the store only to dart a glance at him. Thereby instantly remembering all that you need to buy. Mistake will be reduced to a minimum - because each item on the list submitted with amazing illustration!

Main functions:
1. Calculation cost of purchases based on their price and quantity.
2. Unlimited number of lists for all occasions.
3. Supporting purchases category.
4. More than 350 kinds of products are already stored in the database with a unique illustration.
5. You can easy send shopping list to family and friends.