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GO TaskManager EX has been released. It can deep clean your phone trash and supports phone examination now!
Download: http://goo.gl/Yf2x5
(Choose browser first and then Google Play to download) **GO TaskManager is not going to update and maintenance any more, please download the upgrade version GO TaskManager EX!
Download: http://goo.gl/Yf2x5

Cache clearence:
Cache is the temporary files generated by applications. Clear the cache will release mobile spaces.

More widgets:
Both standard widget and GOWidget are supported. However, if you wanna animation and themes,
GOWidget is your best choice. Of course, GO Launcher EX must be installed.

Available Widget Size:
- 1x1
- 4x1
- 4x2(Just for GOWidget)

-Auto Kill tasks
-Clear the cache
-Clear the history

How to add the Widgets of TaskManager on your home screen?
-Press the menu button
-Choose the “Add” button
-Choose the “Widget” or “GOWidget”
-Choose the widget you want to add and choose your favorite size
-Then press the “ Add to screen”

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