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OpenCaching is the official geocaching app for, a geocaching community powered by the user, for the user. With this app, you get the full experience right in the palm of your hands. Easily find, hide, log and share caches right from your Android device. Features include:

• Get a friendly introduction to geocaching
• Search for nearby geocaches
• Filter caches based on cache type, difficulty, terrain, size and awesomeness
• See caches right on the map (street map or satellite view)
• Read cache descriptions, logs, and hints
• Navigate to the cache using compass view
• Log caches as “found” right from the app
• Mark caches as “favorites” for easy reference
• Share caches via email, Facebook and Twitter
• Access your complete account
• Hide caches and add them from your phone

Search & Start Caching:

Just open the app and click ‘Find Cache’. The nearest caches will automatically appear in street map or satellite view. The handy bulls-eye rating system lets you easily see a cache’s size, ruggedness of terrain, difficulty to find and overall “awesomeness” before you start searching. Simply select a cache that’s right for you and hit 'Go' to begin finding it – compass view will point the way.

Log, Share and Hide Caches:

Log caches the moment you find them using this app, or write up a few quick comments and save it as a draft to come back to later. Share your most spectacular hides and finds with your friends through email, Twitter and Facebook. The app even lets you upload new caches that you hide.

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