Legend of Master 3

Legend of Master 3

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Legend of Master 3
Ultimate Mystery RPG Long ago, an evil sorceress named B'Kar petrified Cain's family. Determined to one-day defeat B'Kar, Cain's spirit was split into 7 pieces and sent across the world as he fell into a deep slumber. 400 years later, Cain's spirit is awoken in the body of William, a wanted prince in his kingdom. Struggling to adapt to the futuristic world while retrieving his lost spirits, Cain must overcome difficulties and train hard to avenge his family…

Join the ultimate RPG experience as you help Cain find his spirits and kill B'Kar!


Play as you've never played before in bright graphics and tactile attack systems

Choose from up to 6 different classes, each with their own special skills

Step out of child's play RPGs, and delve into life-like RPG design

Level up and explore new skills and pick up new armor and weapons

Special treasures and legendary items can be found in Dungeon mode



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