Fuelzee Cheap Gas Prices

Fuelzee Cheap Gas Prices

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    Oct 19, 2014


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Earn free stuff while you pump your gas. Report local gas prices and help others save money and earn rewards! Fuelzee makes it easy to find local gas prices, and gas station that are near you. We make fueling fun!


• Find cheap gas prices
• Get free gas with your points
• Earn points for reporting cheap gas prices
• Redeem points to get rewards on food, drinks, candy and fuel
• Share gas prices and rewards with friends through social networks
• Find nearest or cheapest gas prices
• See gas stations on map view
• Get directions to gas stations

Many of our biggest users are Zipcar, Uber, Lyft and Sidecar drivers who are looking to find the closest gas station. If you are a trucker and need to stop and grab a bite, use Fuelzee to find the closest truck stop. However, if you are traveling and using Orbitz or AirBNB, you may use Fuelzee to find cheap gas prices before you take your rental car back.

(Gas stations data for US only)