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F-Secure App Permissions

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F-Secure App Permissions Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    F-Secure displays the permissions your apps require, so you can delete those you suspect are selling your information to our future overlords. Also, this app requires no special permissions.

  • Jānis Emulis

    Jānis Emulis

    Reviewed in Some great apps you may not know. Yet.

    Yet another permission checker. This is good looking and it seems that it lists more than others

  • Jim


    Reviewed in Recommendations from an Android enthusiast.

    The most important, and probably easiest way to keep the phone secure is by keeping track of the permissions the apps require. This app makes it very easy with a good interface and plenty of filters to choose from.

  • Francisco Alvarado

    Francisco Alvarado

    Reviewed in Essential apps: Beyond 1st impression

    I've tried some apps that let you know which permissions are used by other apps, but this is the only of them with: a truly neat Holo based UI, no ads, and to top it off it comes backed by F-Secure Corporation, the renowned computer security company from Finland.


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Would you like to know which apps can see your personal information, cost you money, or threaten your privacy in any way? F-Secure App Permissions is a FREE app, requiring ZERO permissions, that gives you a very simple and useful view of all of your installed apps, easily identifying unwanted apps that may threaten your private information, as well as bloatware, and helps you uninstall them.
This is not a hacking tool. It will not allow you to remove any permissions. It provides information that helps you protect your privacy and uninstall unwanted apps.

Did you know that some of your apps can make phone calls, track your location, read your browsing history, SMS, contacts, calendar, photos, and share this information with third parties (ad networks, malicious sites, online criminals, spying governments...) without your knowledge? Install F-Secure App Permissions and protect your privacy.

- "If you want to know about the permissions then this is the app for you".
- "Love it, more info than you ever likely want to know about your Apps!".
- "Should be in Android by default".

- Requires ZERO permissions, which means that it is the MOST PRIVACY-FRIENDLY app you can find!
- Checks for apps that may threaten your privacy and notifies you during installation and updates.
- Multiple filters that make it easy for you to search apps based on their permissions.
- Comprehensive information about your apps: package, disk space, installation date, source...
- Easily uninstalls and rates any app.
- A simple and clean interface.

- Compare the list of permissions for an app to its key features. There should always be a logical connection between them. For example, if an app is supposed to send messages, then it naturally requires messaging-related permissions.
- Uninstall any apps that may threaten your privacy if you don't use them frequently.

Start protecting your privacy and uninstalling unwanted apps - download it now, completely free.

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F-Secure is an internationally recognised security solution vendor that protects millions of mobile and computer users daily.