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ShadowArc Reviews

  • Staz


    Reviewed in Weekly Top Games

    ShadowArc is a fast-paced color matching arcade game with a circular twist. Game has over 75 levels, 5 different endless mode, upgrades. All you need to do is to defend youself against the endless wave of arc. Maneuver the paddles to block the approching waves.

  • SGDjames


    Reviewed in SGD's Indie Games Feed

    ShadowArc is a fun new rhythm game that has you controlling a green and red stick which you rotate independently via two joysticks. You must line up your stick with the incoming waves of notes in order to survive each of the games many levels.


ShadowArc is a fast-paced color matching arcade game with a circular twist. Features:
* 75 handcrafted levels
* 5 different endless modes - compete for the high score
* Cloud sync to save your game progress
* 60 fps gameplay
* Upgrade and power up system
* Original soundtrack and sound effects

Defend yourself against the endless waves of arcs that threaten to send your universe into the void. You must maneuver your paddles to block the onslaught of approaching arcs. Arcs approach at varying speeds, trajectories and patterns, so stay alert and be ready for anything!

ShadowArc features hours of gameplay and replayability with numerous levels spread across the different Zones. You’ll learn the basics of the game in the Elemental Zone levels. The Synthetic Zone will challenge your ability to earn 3 stars on each level as the arcs start to learn new tricks. The Vector Zone challenges the elite player with an array of furious and frantic levels. The Infinity Zone adds in linger arcs and lightning arcs, which will keep even the most experienced player on their toes. The Matrix Zone walks the fine line between the possible and the impossible. For infinite replayability, each zone also contains its own endless mode.

The Arcs aren’t the only ones with tricks. Throughout the game, you may acquire power ups like nukes and temporary invincibility. As you earn coins, there are many ways to upgrade your capabilities, like upgrading to more hearts to withstand more hits or upgrading to more inventory slots to hold more power ups.

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