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Luma Live Wallpaper

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Luma Live Wallpaper Reviews

  • Staz


    Reviewed in Weekly Top Apps

    Luma (also has a FREE version) is an amazing live wallpaper app, that comes with a bunch of live wallpaper from which you can choose but it also gives you the ability to customise you own live wallpaper. Neat and pretty smooth, one month of usage and there is absolutely no lag noticed.

  • Nirved


    Reviewed in Live Wallpapers- Love for your phone's screen

    Another LWP with a lot of customizations of color, shape, designs. Beautiful and simple. And HEY, there is a FREE light version also available to try.

  • Rands Roid

    Rands Roid

    Reviewed in Rands Roid

    Oddly I enjoy this simple LWP.. download you might as well


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Luma is a colorful, interactive live wallpaper featuring beautiful combinations of drifting shapes and colors. With literally hundreds of combinations, it's like having 500 live wallpapers in one. Designed to match your style
Luma comes with a set of designer themes that are made to match a range of homescreen themes and styles. Transform your screen into a beautiful mosaic of moving shapes and color.

You can further customize the look of Luma with an easy selection of options. Create or generate your own color scheme, change the types of shapes, and even the way they move across your screen. Brush your fingers across the screen to scatter shapes away, or change the way the wallpaper interacts with your touch.

Watch the video below to see how Luma can make your phone into an animated work of art.

- A variety of themes to fit your style
- Customize colors and shapes
- Customize shapes and flow
- Touch interactive

From Home: Menu > Wallpaper > Live Wallpapers > Luma

Keywords and tags: live wallpaper beautiful colorful smooth customization shapes particles bokeh lotus zen space stellar sakura leaves stars snowflakes diamonds jewels light theme

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