Mobile Speed Booster Advanced

Mobile Speed Booster Advanced

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Android Advanced Memory Speed Booster lets you boost performance of android mobile phone with just one easy click. After some usage your mobile phone starts to lose speed because of unwanted background tasks that remain active even after exit to choke memory and slowing functioning your mobile phone / tablet.
With a simple click this unique booster app can kill background tasks clearing wasted memory & free up CPU processor thus boost performance / speed of mobile phone or android tablet device. UNIQUE EASY FEATURES OF BOOSTER
1. Boost system CPU processor speed and Ram Memory performance
2. Cleans or kills unwanted background apps
3. Booster Improves system speed and also helps in longer battery life
4. Loads automatically on system restart
5. Sits in the notification swipe down area can be launched easily whenever system speedup boosting is required.
6. Reports RAM memory cleared ( optimized )
7. Task manager for manual fine tuning system resources