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Go Make It Rain

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  • Luuk Vd Ven

    Luuk Vd Ven

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    This app is too awesome for words to discribe. Just make it rain all day!


Go. Make. It. Rain.

It’s that simple. Turn up some Fat Joe, blast the Rack City, and Make those bills Rain over your friends and unsuspecting people around you.

- Go Make It Rain on your friends, enemies, parents, and dare we say teachers, snap an in-app photo, and share it to Facebook or Instagram right from the app.
- The more you share, the more you win. Start with US cheddar, skrilla, moula, dolla dolla bills (Oh, we mean Dollars) and unlock additional currencies like Japan’s Zen Yen or the Mother Land’s Russian Ruble.
- Feel like you are a true baller, like you shouldn't be Raining anything but the Benjamins, baby? Become a High Roller and unlock ALL currencies, get rid of ads, and Go Make It Rain with the highest bill denominations every currency has to offer. Did we mention Raining nothing but Benjamins? Oh yeah, we did.

*** Go Make It Rain features ***

* Content
- 6 currencies from around the world
- Over 30 combined denominations (bill values)
- UNLIMITED bills to Rain give you deeper pockets than you could ever imagine
- LISTEN to your money flick off the top of your stack and descend around you
- TAKE a photo mid-Rain, with or without flash, and SHARE it from in game or access it any time in your Gallery
- SHARE your Rain mayhem over both Facebook and Instagram
- UNLOCK more currencies with the more Rain photos you share
- TRACK how much total Rain you’ve made in every currency
- ACCESS High Roller status in the Vault and instantly get rid of ads, UNLOCK all currencies, and UNVEIL the High Roller EXCLUSIVE top denominations for every currency

* Design
- Stunning 3D bills Rain down over the heads of your friends and foes
- Incorporated augmented reality allows the bills to surround you in a complete virtual environment
- Every bill individually cues as it reaches the top of your stack and becomes ready to Rain

Keep your wallet full without giving up on the joys of Making It Rain.

Connect with us: Visit us at www.gomakeitrain.com or email us at support@gomakeitrain.com Follow us at @GoMakeItRain or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GoMakeItRain. *Arrow flag used with permission from the original creator, Reddit user BasqueInGlory
*Sloth photo used with permission from the original photographer, Matthew Magellan