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Parchís4A is an Android version of my old Parchís game for DOS and Linux. The parchis is a board game derived from Pachisi and similar to ludo. It is very popular in Spain.

This game is played with 1 dice and 4 pawns per player. The aim is simple: players compete on leading their four pawns out of their home, around the whole board, into the color track and up to the center of the board, chasing and eating" each other in the process.

In Parchís4A you can select any combination of human and computer controlled players. For each robot you can choose from three strenght levels.

Parchís4A doesn't have ads and doesn't need special permissions. It's (and ever will be) free to use and distribute.

The source code of older versions is available in my web site as Free Software, under the GPLv3 license.

Notes to comments:
1- When all pawns are outside home, you count 7 if the dice rolls 6. This is a parchis rule.
2- Parchís4A doesn't cheat, but if you don't trust it you can use the manual dice.

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