AVP: Evolution

AVP: Evolution

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    Sep 4, 2015

AVP: Evolution Reviews

  • BoyOfTheEnders


    Reviewed in New 3D Games - Updated Daily!

    Just released! If you love the PC titles for AvP,your going to love this well polished 3D action mobile version. If your device can run it, this new title is sure to impress.

  • Mackan Delin

    Mackan Delin

    Reviewed in The game channel

    Brutally Awesome. But it's really hard

  • T. Fergason

    T. Fergason

    Reviewed in Modern and Sci-Fi Horror

    Play as both alien races (but not Marines sadly) in this enjoyable 3D action game. Good graphics but shallow gameplay. Worth a dollar though.

  • Ivan Spasenovic

    Ivan Spasenovic

    Reviewed in Best Games of 2013

    "AvP: Evolution is the newest addition to the Alien Versus Predator franchise. You can play as either and Alien or a Jungle Predator both of whom must defeat the Super Predator. A third-person combat based game AvP: Evolution offers great fun and action packed fighting." - Dean Sherwin

  • Miles Henderson

    Miles Henderson

    Reviewed in Game Over Mann, Game Over

    If you are a fan of the avp games that have appeared on the pic over the years, then you will love this game. Graphically the game is superb and basically follows the tried and tested formula of the PC avp games. You get to play as both the predator and the alien and at some point you see your other "self" during your travels. Playing as the predator is the most fun as usual as you get to play around with all the neat stabby choppy "rip out your spinal column" toys. This is much better than the previous android game predators, so go grab this if you need a good 3rd person monster combat fix.

  • Mike Biggs

    Mike Biggs

    Reviewed in Console quality games mgsfoxhound22@gmail.com

    CONSOLE QUALITY GRAPHICS ONLY ON NVIDIA TEGRA 4 If u love alien series this game is for you ***UPDATE*** Now exclusive ultra graphics setting and highest texture resolutions for Tegra 4 devices