OldSchool Battery Widget (Pro)

OldSchool Battery Widget (Pro)

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    Mar 15, 2013


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Old School Battery Widget is the ultimate video game life bar widget. Choose from many classic games such as Zelda, Megaman, Chrono Trigger, Pokemon, Metal Gear, Metroid, Mario, Street Fighter and many more. This fancy battery widget is a must have for every Video Game lover.

*It works on LockScreen and HomeScreen.
*When charging the widget's skin changes for a charging state representative of the game.
*Recognises different battery states (regular, charging and full).
*Up to 19 different skins.

***This is a Widget and cannot be opened like a normal app***

HOW TO USE OldSchool Battery Widget:
- For older versions of Android long-press on the homescreen and select "Widget" then select the "OldSchool Battery Widget" widget.
- For newer versions of Android open the App Launcher and click on the "Widget" tab. Find the "OldSchool Battery Widget" widget and long-press to drag it to your homescreen.
- The default widget (hearts) will show on your screen.
- You can touch the widget to change the skin of the widget.

Please rate the app and give me feedback. Tell me what additional themes and features would you like to see in future versions!

If the widget doesn't show up in your widget list immediately after installing, restart your phone and it will be there. If the widget gets stuck in 100% remove it and then add it again, if this doesn't work, uninstall and install again. This is a known issue and is being investigated.

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