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Facebook Reviews

  • Ankur Garg

    Ankur Garg

    Reviewed in Apps you wont uninstall

    It can be called a necessary devil. You have to keep it pin your device. I know there are many third party apps out there but u cant rely on them. Official app is afterall... Well... Official..

  • Rands Roid

    Rands Roid

    Reviewed in Rands Roid

    Wow.. I think we all had just about given up on Facebook, but FINALLY along comes an update that makes magic! Just about everything is better... STILL not perfection mind you... but sooooo much faster and a polished UI that looks very promising!

  • Eti Suruzon

    Eti Suruzon

    Reviewed in Etis favorite apps

    Do I really need to explain this one?

  • Vishnu Jayashankar

    Vishnu Jayashankar

    Reviewed in realVJ92's Channel

    You really want description for this.?