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Notification History

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Notification History can record all notifications so that you can easily track who pushed unwanted message. This can be used to:
1. Find out which app pushed annoying statusbar advertisement, and uninstall it.
2. Collect messages sent by apps and read them later
3. Backup and share notifications
* Collect notifications on status bar and group by apps
* Save notifications (PRO feature)
* Clear notifications
* Uninstall apps sending annoying notifications directly
* Ignore notification from specific apps
* Desktop widget to show the latest notifications (PRO feature on android 3.0 and above)
* Import notifications from free version (PRO feature)

* To start collecting notifications, go to system Settings->Accessibility, then enable accessibility and Notifications History service
* To stop the collecting, just disable accessibility and Notifications History service
* To ignore notifications from one app, long clik the app and select Ignore on the popped menu

Permissions Required:
Internet Access - It's used for show banner ads within the app. Upgrade to PRO version to remove the permission requirement.
Run at startup - used for auto purge outdated or outnumbered notifications to reduce memory usage

Q: Why the app does not record any notifications?
A: There're 2 possible cause. #1. The accessibility service and Notification History service was not enabled. #2. Other accessibility service are using the notification access. In this case, try to disable other services and have a try again. If still not working, please send me an email for further support.

Q: Why talkback service is enabled automaticall which brings voice on my phone?
A: It's a open bug related to specific ROM. Check out details and solutions in "help" section of this app.



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