Epic Citadel

Epic Citadel

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    May 14, 2013

Epic Citadel Reviews

  • Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Reviewed in Die besten Apps und Spiele - Tägliches Update

    Mit dieser Grafik-Demo von Epic Games wird Euch sehr eindrucksvoll demonstriert zu was Euer mobiles Gerät technisch in der Lage ist! Entweder Ihr seht euch die grafische Pracht in einem kleinen Video an oder Ihr bewegt Euch selbst durch die opulente Spielwelt!

  • Jamie Davies

    Jamie Davies

    Reviewed in Long Lasting Apps & Games

    Be prepared to be blown away by console quality graphics. Not a game as such, more a demo of Unreal Engine 3's power. You'll want to show everyone this truly landmark app.

  • Androfox


    Reviewed in Visual Gems

    Not a real game, but visually impressive.

  • T. Fergason

    T. Fergason

    Reviewed in Fantasy and Dark Fantasy

    Not really a game at all, but a graphical benchmark test to see what your device can handle. Epic Games takes you on a virtual tour of a medieval citadel as it tests the capabilities of your phone or tablet.

  • Cal


    Reviewed in Best games ever 😱

    An awesome way to test out your smartphone.

  • Chris Ch

    Chris Ch

    Reviewed in Good games

    OK, this is not a game, but it looks freaking amazing, and I just ask myself why they don't make such good-looking games for Android. It's a good benchmark to test your device.

  • Frolenkov Productions

    Frolenkov Productions

    Reviewed in Best HD Games

    This isn't quite a game, but it is a stunning castle with you can walk around in.

  • Mike Biggs

    Mike Biggs

    Reviewed in Console quality games mgsfoxhound22@gmail.com

    Epic Games presents there best looking beautiful tech Demo/ GPU Benchmark just added ultra graphics option for newest gpu's download to SD! yay