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    Rigonauts is finally here and has just launched exclusively for Android Snapdragon devices for 2 weeks of exclusive access. Luckily we had a snapdragon Incredible 4G device to get some hands on time with this physics based combat game.


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Runner-up Winner of Activision's 2011 Independent Games Competition.

“It’s a fascinating challenge. So fascinating that I’m being dragged back into the swirling vortex of slightly adjusted gun placements even as I write this.”
-RockPaperShotgun.com Currently ONLY compatible with Snapdragon powered devices.

Rigonauts is the fantastical building battle game from Engient. Snap together the ultimate vessel and send your crew of Hobs into battle. With a well designed ship and a clever plan, your crew will smash and blast past an assortment of strange and dangerous foes.

•Endless Strategic Possibilities – Plan, create, build your own version of the Rigo and to overcome the strengths and exploit the weaknesses of the evil Komondants’ naval forces.
•Wacky Weaponry – Command your Crewlin to man an arsenal of machine guns, cannons, flamers and more as you cripple enemy vessels in your way of freedom.
•Armors, Shocks & Balloons – Outfit your vessel with armor, shocks & even balloons to take on any enemy artillery and terrain imaginable.
•Over 30 Levels – Test the limits of your imagination as you build and battle through over 30 levels of fantastical foes and kooky Komandants.
•Rigonauts Crew – The Caplin commands the Crewlin, the gunners and Saplins who board enemy Komandant ships.