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Home Button Launcher

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Home Button Launcher Reviews

  • Banton


    Reviewed in Pimp Your Phone - Customise

    Really handy

  • Michael Remy

    Michael Remy

    Reviewed in Best Android Apps

    An alternative Google search interactions

  • Elle


    Reviewed in Smart Apps

    Perfetta sui dispositivi con tasti nav. virtuali! Se avete quelli fisici, la combo con Swipe Home Button non è male.. Perfect on devices with virtual nav. buttons! If you have physical instead, try a combo with Swipe Home Button, cool..

  • Seraj


    Reviewed in Super apps

    Replace Google now with that Hot launcher.. Try it and you will love it.


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→ This app is ad-free and open source ← Launch your favorite apps through the «Home Button Swipe Up» gesture.
• This works best on devices with three soft keys, like Nexus 5 or Moto G (i.e. devices that have virtual «Back / Home / Recent Apps» soft buttons).
• On some devices this app opens when doing a "Long click" on the home button (e.g. the newer HTC and Sony Xperia phones).
• Most Samsung devices are not at all or very poorly supported (since Samsung overrides 'Home Button' behavior with their own software).

→ Test this app if you're looking for a simple app launcher alternative to «Wave Launcher», «SwipePad», «Smart Taskbar» or «Sidebar», or if you want to replace the default «Google Now» home button binding
→ Also check out DG Settings, this integrates nicely into Home Button Launcher

Source code is hosted on Google Code:

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