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** MyCastScreen requires a Google Chromecast device in order to work. If you do not have a Chromecast, this app will be useless to you. *** MyCastScreen is a custom home screen replacement application for Google Chromecast. It doesn't actually replace your home screen - as that's not possible (yet) - but you can cast this screen, close the app, and go on with your day. It remembers your settings and starts up with the previous session's settings so you won't have to update the options every time.

* Enter a zip code or city name to access local weather conditions and forecasts.
* Enter a location name to get a custom traffic map tailored to the location you searched for. You can enter a city name, postal code, even an address or intersection to specify which part of the map you'd like to see.
* Enter a custom RSS feed URL to see your personalized news feed tick by using a custom speed setting.
* Upload an image to the internet or copy the URL of a favorite wallpaper image and input the URL to enable the custom background image.
* All feeds/weather/traffic are updated every 15 minutes, custom settings for this are in the works.

* New: Youtube widget - you can enter the ID of a youtube video to have that video play continuously. Works well with longer music mixes. This widget is the most experimental and is known to be unreliable for some videos. If you have any feedback, please leave it at the google+ community link provided below.

* New: Website widget - you can enter a website URL to display that website in the frame. Works well with mobile websites, not very useful for normal web surfing as there is no way to control what you see.

* New: Slideshow widget - This only works with IMGUR albums at the moment, other image hosts will be coming soon. You can enter the album ID (usually 5-6 characters) and set a custom timer to have the photos in your album show up in any widget.

*** Note: These new widgets are considered experimental/beta, if you have any issues or feedback feel free to email my or leave a message in the MyCastScreen Google+ community, linked below.

* My Cast Screen Google+ Community:

Coming Soon: Many awesome features, such as stock ticker, custom refresh times, extended weather forecast information, traffic for specific routes via google maps, and much more.