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DuckDuckGo Search & Stories Reviews

  • ^^4!!3c|@


    Reviewed in Hot 'n' New Awesome apps

    In th light of privacy and is better than google

  • Old Man Windbreaker (Pranav G)

    Old Man Windbreaker (Pranav G)

    Reviewed in Surveillance Self-Defense... and Stuff

    Take back Web Search [PRISM]: A client for a web search engine that Does Not Track and Does Not Bubble you. The app can be open search results within itself, or pass them on to a browser of choice. It also has a newsfeed of popular articles from around the web. Hence, the name "Search & Stories". On a related note, Firefox offers DuckDuckGo as one of the presets for search.

  • Jayesh Bhagchandani

    Jayesh Bhagchandani

    Reviewed in Insanely Awesomely Good Looking Apps

    Alternative search engine app.

  • Davis Robert

    Davis Robert

    Reviewed in Apps That Don't Suck

    Great app

  • MG


    Reviewed in Simple, Clean, Functional, Fun

    Anonymous search platform with a built in web browser. Comes with a clean design and good functionality.

  • Nirved


    Reviewed in Have FUN with this Great & really Useful apps

    DuckDuckGo is an app that never track your identity or your location. It gives a new story to whatever you will search in it. Great for reading.

  • Debanka Chanda

    Debanka Chanda

    Reviewed in TT&T(Try,test and tell)

    A lot of concern for our online security.For starters,duckduckgo is a search engine where you can browse with full anonymity.A little while back I had added Dolphin zero as it used duckduckgo as it's primary search engine, I didn't knew that duckduckgo has its own dedicated app, with a full browser.It also has news feeds from various sources, if you care.The best thing about it is its readability mode, which you can activate by default.


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Description: DuckDuckGo is the search engine that doesn't track you. Our Search & Stories app offers you real privacy with smarter search and stories you'll love!

Real Privacy. From funny videos to health and finance questions, searches are a reflection of your personal life. That's why we don't collect or share your personal information:
• We don't track you -
• We don't filter bubble you -

Smarter Search. We help you get where you want to go in fewer clicks. We do that through:
• Instant answers from hundreds of sources.
• Auto-suggest featuring our !bang commands that help you search directly on thousands of other sites.

Stories you'll love. We feature the most enjoyed stories from hand-crafted sources:
• #1 stories like most emailed or upvoted.
• Readability view for faster reading.

You can always reach us at, or via email We listen!

Disclaimer: While we can and will ensure your privacy at DuckDuckGo, we cannot ensure that other sites you visit from the app will similarly respect your privacy.

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What's New:

Introducing the reimagined and redesigned DuckDuckGo:
• Images & Videos - now always available. View them without leaving the page.
• Find Places - a better place to start your search for restaurants, or anywhere else you might decide to go.
• More Meanings - when searching ambiguous terms, getting the meaning you want can be difficult. Not anymore.
• Recipe Search - a great place to start your next meal.
• Smarter Answers - answers to your questions from the best sources, developed by our open source community.

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