14px | Ultimate platformer

14px | Ultimate platformer

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    Jan 23, 2014

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14px is a challenging, addictive, fast paced platformer. Player reviews:

"Game of the Year.

Extremely fast-paced, addicting, frustrating, challenging, everything a pick-up-and-play mobile game should be. Hats off to the developer, this game is fantastic!"

"Amazing music, perfect controls, and the perfect mix of skill and fun."

"So hard to put down when you just have to get 3 stars on every level. Can't wait for more."

"This game is a lot of fun! The controls are probably some of the best I've experienced on the iPhone thus far. "

"This is a very difficult game that kills you constantly but there's a real satisfaction in getting through the whole level without dying very rarely do I enjoy a game on mobile phones as much as I enjoy this one"

"Love it!Think Super Meat Boy, but with controls that work great on a phone."

- 80 Levels
- Regular updates
- Online level editor
- Create and share levels

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