Dreamboard, track your dreams

Dreamboard, track your dreams

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    Nov 5, 2014

Dreamboard, track your dreams Reviews

  • Mai


    Reviewed in Life logger!

    Lovely Dream logger! There is a lot to fault this app for (like the lack of ability to edit entries for example) but the way it presents your dreams in colors is too interesting that you may just use its website as well if you're not aware.

  • Monica Monir

    Monica Monir

    Reviewed in Enhancement

    Record different details of your dreams and let Dreamboard analyse your dreaming habits to show you the patterns, trends and history of your subconscious thoughts. All information is kept private.

  • Manu Mohan

    Manu Mohan

    Reviewed in Awesome stuffs for nexus 4

    Recommended by a friend but didn't find it quiet useful, anyway try it guys kinda like inception.

  • Basit Ijaz

    Basit Ijaz

    Reviewed in Must Have Apps

    If you see symbolic dreams on regular basis and want to save them to review later, Dreamboard is best app for you. It has user friendly and intuitive interface. you can add lots of details about your dream and can also Analyze your dream patterns.

  • Dominika Valovicova

    Dominika Valovicova

    Reviewed in Beautiful, or even useful apps

    "Not even psychologist cares about your dreams." But this app does! So if you've just dreamt about a plot of your new best selling book, you can write it down...attach colours to it, wiew the colour diagram, graph...useful stuff.


Dreamboard mobile and web application is a unique, simple and fun way to track and log your dreams. Designed in collaboration with world leading Psychologists, Dreamboard is much more than a simple dream diary. * Dreamboard is a dream journal with interpretation that allow you to track, analyze & record your dreams. Discover the meanings of lucid dreams and nightmares, with sleep tracker analysis. *

By allowing you to record emotions and feelings along with the thoughts from your nightly dream story you start to build a complimentary picture free from the bias that impacts us in our daily waking life.

▶ With Dreamboard you can:

* Record your Dreams in seconds
Simple input icons and options allow you to save and review all your dream sequences quickly when you wake up.

* Browse your Dream journal
Save and store your complete dream sequences then search and sort by title date or similarities over time from both mobile device and web.

* Analyze and Track your dreams
Observe and reflect on mood and emotional trends over time by clicking on the dream graph so you can start to develop a better and deeper understanding of how your dreams fit in to your everyday life.

▶ Features:

- keep track of your pleasant and unpleasant dreams
- write down the narration, for future use
- much more than a simple dream diary
- record data
- 100% free, secure

▶ Dreamboard 2.0

Thanks to you Dreamboard has grown beyond its initial expectations and so the first major upgrade deals with improving with stability, security and speed for our users all over the world.

However based on feedback we received we have also introduced some additional improvements to the functionality and look of the Dreamboard application.

1. Brand new HD graphics, look and feel
2. Mobile edit functionality to review and update when ever and wherever is convenient for you.
3. Choice of day or night screens and background
4. Increased input icons for easier and quicker dream recording
5. New inputs to track when dreams are lucid or nightmares.
6. Improved password recovery functions
7. A new and easier to use alarm clock with daily reminders
8. Icons for sharing dreams with your friends and colleagues on your favorite social network

We hope you enjoy. Tell your friends and look out for more upgrades in the very near future!