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Airbag Frank 3D

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Frank always wanted to fly! Help Frank reach for the stars in this incredibly cute and dazzingly fun game. Launch Frank from his slingshot by dragging back the rubberband and catapult him into space.
Use your arsenal of powerful fruits and jetpacks to help Frank reach new heights.
Along his way Frank will encounter a variety of monsters that might help him to travel further.


Airbag Frank features real 3D rendering that pops up of the screen, all you need is a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses: red/blue, cyan/magenta and yellow/blue are supported.


There are many unique monsters to discover in Airbag Frank. When Frank lands on a crunch, he can
ride on his back for a short time. Or steal the balloon from a skullorm and fly away with it.


Improve your reach by unlocking better slingshots, new fruits, monsters, costumes, jetpacks and more.
There are over 30 items to unlock and buy in the Airbag Frank shop.


Yes! This is game is free, but there is not a single feature missing. But we do have a gold
version that you can buy for the price of candy bar if you want to support the developers
and ensure continued development of Airbag Frank.


Yes, the game is free and you don't need to buy additional content to actually make it playable.
The game does not even has the option of in-app purchasing, so you can let your kids play
without worrying that they will spend all your hard earned money.


The game looks great on all devices but if you're one of the lucky owners of one of the latest devices you can enjoy highly detailed models with realtime shadows and more special effects!


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