DS Guitar Chord - Ukulele

DS Guitar Chord - Ukulele

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Even the this version now supports the high code and Tuner and Ukulele Chord Only. The tuner function is only supported on Android version 4.0 or later.
(Press the menu button and the tuner menu.)

In general, almost all of the code used in the same box to quickly and easily find and tap converter

"Tempo" button to specify the tempo and speed, and when the play button is pressed continuously metronome sound will play with the code
This feature is often used when the chord progression (ohburi) expect to be very helpful in practice the

"Sound" button, while the four other sounds like a guitar tone can be selected

"Stoke" button to adjust the stroke volume of the sound speed, and can be set in the environment, fingering, code name, fret numbers, you can specify the color

This app is for all those who baewoosi guitar shall be sure to help

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