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    I'm no domestic goddess, but if any app were to convince me to take to the kitchens, it'd be flavourit. Swipe through recipes or create your own in this twee app, with its cute font and ribbony design. I don't usually say things like this, but omigosh flavourit's adorable.


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You like cooking and you enjoy delicious food? Maybe you wish you had a little helper which reminds you of your favorite recipes? flavourit – small enough to practically fit in every pocket – can be your great helper! Create your personal cookbook according to your taste and share your favorite recipes with friends! It's about time to be proud of what you're conjuring each day! ***** what the press says: *****

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***** what's your flavourit? *****

*** intuitive recipe editor:

* Create your own recipes quick and easy.
* Lovingly designed icons simplify the input process and save yourself from writing long phrases.
* 3 main categories (food,sweets,drinks) and 46 subcategories offer ample space for all your recipes.
* Mark your recipes as veggie or vegan.
* Add your own food photos.

*** optimised recipe view:

* Since flavourit is neatly arranged, you hardly need to tab on your mobile while cooking. Instead you can concentrate on the essentials - your food!
* Icons you've assigned to your ingredient-slots show you at a glance what to do next
* You can fade in and out your text so you'll never lose the line.

*** functional design:

* Inspire yourself by browsing through your recipes in fullscreen-mode
* Scroll through list-view to check your entire recipe collection.
* Search for particular ingredients, marked favorites, veggie or vegan recipes. The smart search function directly displays how many hits were found in which category. That way you will always find the appropriate recipe quickly.
* Edit or refine your own recipes or those of friends anytime you want to.

*** lovingly share function:

* Create gorgeous recipe cards. Print them, email them or share them on social media platforms.
* Share your recipes via Facebook (therefore a Facebook connection is required).
* Import your friends' recipes directly into flavourit. Load them with the useful QR-code-scanner or directly from the Facebook App.

*** clever shopping list:

* Put the ingredients of a chosen recipe to your shopping list.
* Add your own notes.
* Mark off the purchased items or delete them.

*** beautiful covers:

* Switch between ten different flavourit covers. Each one more beautiful than the other!

*** good to know:

* No registration required.
* No internet connection required (except for using the share functions)
* Languages: German & English
* In-App purchases possible. (cookies)

*** piggy & cookies:

In the free version a hungry little piggy awaits you. It loves to eat cookies. You'll get cookies by sharing your recipes. Alternatively you can also buy cookies. Your little piggy always shows you how many cookies you have already earned. The saved cookies are then to be used to import recipes from others. In the full version the piggy is satisfied. So no need for cookies since you can import as many recipes as you want.

***** www.doorfortyfour.com *****

We are a young StartUp from Vienna. flavourit is our very first App. If you have questions, suggestions or you just want to tell us that you like flavourit, contact us! We welcome all feedback!