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I'm Fraction Calculator Plus and I'm the best and easiest way to deal with everyday fraction problems. Whether you're checking homework, preparing recipes, or working on craft or even construction projects, I can help: - Wish you could find the time to check your kids' math homework? Now checking fraction math takes just seconds.
- Need to adjust recipe quantities for a larger guest list? Let me adjust your cup and teaspoon quantities.
- Working on a craft or home project in inches? Stop double-or-triple calculating on paper - let me do it once, accurately.

I'm attractive and effective and I make great use of either a phone or tablet display:

- I show your calculations in crisp, clear, elegant type that you can read at-a-glance from a distance.
- My innovative triple keypad display lets you type fast! (entering three and three quarters takes just 3 taps!).
- Every fraction result gets automatically reduced to its simplest form to make your job easy.
- NEW! Every result is also shown in decimal to make conversion a breeze.
- It couldn't be easier to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions.

Let Fraction Calculator Plus turn your phone or tablet into an everyday helping hand.

This is an ad supported version - our ad-free version is also available.

Fraction Calculator Plus (C) 2013 Digitalchemy, LLC

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