TapPath Browser Helper

TapPath Browser Helper

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    Sep 8, 2014

TapPath Browser Helper Reviews

  • Monica Monir

    Monica Monir

    Reviewed in Enhancement

    Determine how a third-party link is handled via your interaction. You can choose certain actions for single tapping, double tapping or triple tapping a link. For example, single tap = Chrome, double tap = save to Pocket and triple tap = options for sharing.

  • Matúš Kapusta

    Matúš Kapusta

    Reviewed in Apps you didn't know you want

    Awesome little app that lets you configure what happens after you single/double/tripple click on a hyperlink. Great little tool, but still needs some work.


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TapPath allows you to customize how clicking a web link in a 3rd party app behaves. A single click will load your default browser as you're used to, but a double click might load Pocket and a triple click might load PushBullet. Think of the time you'll save!

Which apps are loaded is of course entirely customizable by you.