DigiCal Calendar

DigiCal Calendar

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    Nov 21, 2015

DigiCal Calendar Reviews

  • Thomas Unterkircher

    Thomas Unterkircher

    Reviewed in A beautiful and improved Android experience

    There's nothing wrong with the stock calendar. But this app just looks so pretty. I have Beautiful Widgets and a Digital calendar widget on my homescreen, which look perfect together. Probably the best 3rd party calendar app.

  • Filip Rauh

    Filip Rauh

    Reviewed in Android Starter Pack

    Waaaaay better than the standard calendar.

  • Haryoso Riyadhi

    Haryoso Riyadhi

    Reviewed in Apps for life

    For those who like Minimalistic looks, and proper calendar function, sync with your Google calendar. go premium, and you get a fully customizable calendar widget.

  • Cathlyn Ng

    Cathlyn Ng

    Reviewed in Beautiful and functional apps

    Hands down one of the best calendar app around. I've trialed several different calendar apps, some of which I've even paid for to get the advanced features but Digical beat them all hands down. Digical integrates with ALL of my calendars and make everything easy to see and organize. The widgets are simply beautiful and if you can spare $1/yr, you should get the weather add on as well.

  • Veer Arjun

    Veer Arjun

    Reviewed in Veer's channel

    The best looking calendar with great functionality.

  • Cedrik Krull

    Cedrik Krull

    Reviewed in All you need - great and useful apps

    Calender with Google Synchronisation and very nice widgets.