Friday: automated journal

Friday: automated journal

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Friday: automated journal Reviews

  • Beatrice Gatta

    Beatrice Gatta

    Reviewed in Apps I'm testing

    COST: free with a pro-version at 0,62€/month MEMORY: 13mb circa on my SD card FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Just downloaded it yesterday. It looks nice, kinda like Google now without the weather, but you're more in control of what it shows and you can add your own stuff. Yesterday, when I tried to add more accounts like Facebook and Twitter, it only showed a blank page with the title "add Facebook account". I was going to report the bug, but today it loaded perfectly. I've also noticed that the loading bar is not well visible for these pages, it should be just a bit thicker. I miss a few more channels, like tumblr or Instagram. The travel function keeps telling me I've traveled 0.9 km today, even if I've been sick in bed for the last 3 days... maybe it's not the app but my GPS. In that case, it would be nice to have a way to manually correct the km amount, and not just to dismiss the travel card. As for music... Is there a specific mp3/video player that gets automatically updated on Friday when you just hit the play button, or you just add them manually? I use vlc player and I had to manually add the tracks so far. Would be nice if it was automated. I would like to read in the app description or in the faqs a list of programs from which Friday can automatically update info from. Also, it's a bit limiting that it only takes into consideration phone calls and texts, as nowadays most of our interactions are made via voip or Internet services such as Skype, viber, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. I would consider adding these programs too, with the option of adding just the usage time (to track time-consuming apps when you should work, for example) or the contacts you've interacted with (and suggestions based on your interactions, like for the phone calls). And maybe a pro feature to save chat history or call recordings in the cloud. I personally don't like the idea of monthly /yearly subscriptions, I'd prefer a donation version that you pay once, or that you'd have to pay plugins or add-ons. I'm gonna update this review after I tested the app a bit.

  • Varna Sri Raman

    Varna Sri Raman

    Reviewed in Google Nexus Picks

    Your automated journal. Less work, more journal.

  • FHL09


    Reviewed in FHL09's Highly Recommended

    This is a easy to use & remarkably clean looking application for seeing your usage at a glance!

  • Joanna Palmer

    Joanna Palmer

    Reviewed in Essential Apps

    Automatically saves all your calls, texts, music played, locations etc and allows you to add your own notes. Great to look back on.

  • vinay kumar

    vinay kumar

    Reviewed in Must-Have unusual apps

    A very different and useful app for those who like to keep a digital journal of their day to day activities

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Reddit Saturday APPreciation thread, Jan 4th 2014

    mattcraiganon: Tracks your daily activity and makes a long timeline of your Android life. I've had a few bug issues but nothing huge (S4 i9505).

  • Mai


    Reviewed in Life logger!

    Just like it's description, this is the ultimate automated life logger. It's said that it's private, but it still needs to connect to a lot in order to be appreciated. It's still in beta so expect bugs, but it's incredibly pretty.


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Start Fridaying to make your memories last forever !

After 18 months, Friday is now moving out of Beta featuring a brand new home. What's more ? Friday Pro has arrived !

Friday presents you with a life log, a chronological narration of your life- people / contacts, moments, locations, music, pictures, Facebook, twitter and foursquare (social) feeds, along with your calls, texts and mails.
You can also easily search this data, e.g. go back to 17 July, and see calls from Davy. Or pictures taken in San Francisco.

Friday initiates thoughts and ideas for you, it helps you remember, it tries to anticipate actions. With Friday activities, you can share or, just log your favourite activities you've been doing all day. With Friday Pro, you can restore your logs to any device that you want. In one tap, you can have your call log, messages, contacts, photos, all restored.

Forget to remember.

ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Journaling your tracks and trips.
android.permission.INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Cloud Syncing, viewing etc.
READ_CONTACTS - For quick actions, people display on timeline etc.
READ_CALL_LOG, READ_SMS, RECEIVE_SMS - To sync your calls and Texts.
WAKE_LOCK - Use display and processor time efficiently, yet keeping your timeline fresh.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Cache resources (Images, contact pictures etc) on SD card.
MANAGE_ACCOUNTS, AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS, WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS, READ_SYNC_SETTINGS - Create and maintain a 'friday' sync account and service.
GET_TASKS - To scroble the music player and sync your song logs.
android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS : To restore contatcs

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