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  • Giampi


    Reviewed in One (holo) app a day

    A wonderful application to monitor your driving style and invite you to drive safely and responsibly


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Driving you to be a better driver: Put miles into Flo and she responds with trip data that shows how you're improving and where you still need some help. You can even analyze past trips in 3D, complete with pointers to your best and worst moves behind the wheel. Flo also gives you a score for every trip. You'll have a blast trying to beat your previous high score.

Flo serves up real-time audio and video feedback while you drive, so you'll immediately learn how you can do better and where you're doing well. And Flo saves all your trip data, including scores, distances, travel times, and routes.

Best of all, Flo is free and doesn't require an account to get started. You also don't need one of those expensive dongles.

Flo is in beta, so we'd love to hear your feedback at support@driveflo.com. If you have questions, you can find the Flo Support Center at http://support.driveflo.com.

And don't worry, Flo is completely secure, so there's no fear that we'll sell or rent your personal data to anyone without your permission.

So download Flo today and learn how you can be a better driver.